Back to school shopping may not look exactly how it has in past years. 

Like many things in 2020, we as a society have to adjust and adapt due to the COVID-19 global health crisis.

But even though it may look different this year, that doesn’t mean that we can’t take advantage of the amazing sales that come along with the school shopping season!

Many schools in Gilroy and the surrounding areas are going to be remote for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean that kids stop growing and needing new clothing. 

Plus, a little retail therapy never hurt anybody, right?

Today, Best Western Forest Park Inn wants to share with you why coming to Gilroy for your back to school shopping is a terrific idea, that you won’t regret. 

Gilroy Premium Outlet Stores

The number one reason that school shopping in Gilroy is so amazing is because of the Gilroy premium outlet stores. Although there are many other stores not connected, the outlets make shopping convenient. Plus they have so much to offer!

A Huge Variety Of Stores 

The outlets have an enormous amount of stores that speak to a wide variety of styles and interests. If you need something, there is a very high chance one of the many storefronts in the Gilroy Premium Outlet stores has it.

Gilroy Premium Outlet Stores says,

“Conveniently located directly off Hwy 101 and just 20 miles south of Silicon Valley, Gilroy Premium Outlets features one of the largest collection of designer and brand name outlet stores in Northern California.

 Shop more than 145 stores including Adidas, Columbia Sportswear, Kate Spade New York, Lululemon, Nike, and many more.”

The vastness of store options alone makes school shopping in Gilroy a fantastic experience.

Deals, Deals, Deals

‘Tis the season for hot deals that you do not want to miss out on! 

Every year around this time, stores offer crazy good back to school deals. COVID- 19 may have stopped a lot of things, but it is not going to stop the back to school deals!

The many stores in Gilroy Premium Outlet stores are going to be offering these back to school deals,which means great savings for all of your clothing, apparel, sports, and household needs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get these awesome deals in Gilroy California.

Many Stores And Restaurants Offer Curbside Pickup 

Many of the stores know that because of COVID-19 some people are nervous about going into places of business where there are people that they do not know. 

If you are hesitant to go into a store, even with a mask, then you will be happy to hear that a lot of the stores do online shopping and curbside pick up. 

You can shop from the comfort of your house or hotel room and then go pick up your order right outside the store. 

A Multitude Of Delicious Restaurant Options 

In addition to the great shopping, Gilroy has some amazing places to eat. Whether you want high class restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, wineries, or breweries – Gilroy has it all! 

So if yummy food is important to you and your family, doing your school shopping in Gilroy is a great choice. 

You will have an awesome selection of places to eat while staying in Gilroy California. 

hand sanitizing being used at Gilroy stores

Gilroy Strictly Following CDC COVID-19 Guidelines

All of Gilroy, including the businesses, are taking the pandemic very seriously, and the Gilroy Premium outlet stores are all expected to follow the CDC guidelines to the letter

You, Gilroy’s guests and residents, are expected to wear a mask and stay socially distant to help ensure health and safety for everyone.

When all of the rules are properly followed by both business and customers, everyone will be a lot safer. 

Other Things To Do While You’re In Gilroy

Gilroy has a lot of fun sites, activities, and amenities that you can enjoy while you are visiting for back school shopping. 

One of the big attractions that Gilroy has is the wineries. You can go on wine tours with your friends or partner and just relax before the busy school season begins. 

For outside activities, you can head to the beach for the day, to one of the many parks, or go hiking on the beautiful mountains nearby. 

Here is a list of more fun things to do in Gilroy.

Gilroy also offers a lot of lovely and comfortable hotels, where you can stay on your visit. 

Best Western Forest Park Inn is a highly rated hotel in Gilroy. We’ve committed to going above and beyond the CDC guidelines to protect guests and staff during our pandemic while still making your stay enjoyable.

Whether you’re back to school shopping, or just ready for a weekend away, click here to contact Best Western Inn today!