How Hard Are Spartan Races in Gilroy?

Let’s get one thing straight: Spartan Races are supposed to be challenging. This is not a walk in the park. If you’re not exhausted after crossing the finish line, then you’re either a cheater, a liar, or some kind of superhuman. Either way, you should expect a genuine test when you sign up for the next Spartan Race in your area. If you’re looking for things to do in Gilroy, you might be wondering how hard this test really is. Is a Spartan race more challenging than a marathon? Do you need to train before a Spartan Race? What makes this obstacle course so difficult? We’re glad you asked… 


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What IS a Spartan Run, Anyway?

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Spartan Races are essentially obstacle courses that span anywhere from 3 to 30 miles. The good news is that it’s not quite as difficult as a “Death Race,” which is another type of endurance challenge that lasts two full days. In fact, Spartan Races were created to give the general public an easier version of the infamous Death Race. That being said, Spartan Races are anything but easy – and you can expect to face a wide range of challenges along the way. 

A brief tangent into the nomenclature of the Spartan Run: 

Spartans were the most feared ancient warriors in ancient Greece, and they established a highly militaristic society in the valley of the Eurotas River. Unlike many other contemporary city states, Sparta had professional soldiers. These weren’t farmers or wine merchants conscripted into the army. These were men who lived to fight – men who were trained to kill from the moment they were old enough to hold a sword. The most famous Spartan was King Leonidas, whose epic last stand at Thermopylae graced the big screen in the film 300. Spartan races are named after these warriors – giving you a sense of just how disciplined and strong you need to be to make it to the finish line. Those soft Athenians can keep their “marathons.” True Spartans choose a much more difficult challenge.

What Are the Different Spartan Race Types?

The good news is that Spartan Races types come in many different flavors with varying degrees of difficulty:

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The Spartan Sprint

The Spartan Sprint is the easiest option with 5 kilometers of 20 different obstacles. Expect to encounter lots of mud, water, and all kinds of challenges along the way. As you might expect, most newcomers try the Spartan Spring before attempting the other races. However, experienced Spartans may also focus on this race because they enjoy short-distance courses more than their long-distance counterparts. The goal is to finish the 5K obstacle course as quickly as possible.

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The Spartan Super

If you’re ready for a greater challenge, sign up for the Spartan Super. Twice as long as the Spartan Spring, this 10-kilometer dash involves as many as 30 obstacles. The race also typically involves more rugged terrain. Translation: This is not going to be easy. The distance alone should make this race twice as difficult as the Spartan Sprint. Add more challenging obstacles into the mix, and you have a real test of endurance on your hands. Be sure to eat a solid meal before attempting this race.

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The Spartan Beast

As the name suggests, this race is reserved only for true fitness animals. If you consider yourself to be an apex predator, the Spartan Beast might be the challenge you’ve been searching for. Over a grueling 21 kilometers, you’ll face a dizzying array of almost impossible obstacles, difficult terrain, pools of water, and thick mud. By the end of the race, most people find it difficult to simply put one foot in front of the other. In fact, many people do not even finish – and find themselves condemned to head back to their hotels in abject failure. 


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The Spartan Ultra

You shouldn’t even be considering the Spartan Ultra. Seriously, don’t even try. It’s 50 kilometers long with 50 obstacles. If you finish this test, you have the right to call yourself a true Spartan. One thing to note: San Jose might not even offer the Spartan Ultra – and you might have to travel a little further to find this race.

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Kids Race

Last but not least, there’s a special race designed specifically for kids. Your young athletes will face a 1-3K race with a few obstacles sprinkled in. This ensures that when mom and dad want to try a Spartan Race, they can bring the kids along.

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What Kind of Spartan Race Obstacles Should I Expect?

Spartan Race obstacles are what makes this endurance test so unique. You never really know what to expect when you start a Spartan Race, but there are a number of possibilities. If you choose to accept this challenge, you can expect to face the following obstacles:

  • Water
  • Mud
  • Walls
  • Ropes
  • Barbed wire
  • Monkey bars
  • Spear throwing
  • Fire
  • Carrying heavy objects
  • Log jumps
  • Steep hills
  • Flipping tires

If you fail to complete any of the obstacles, you will be ordered to do 30 burpees. You might also be ordered to complete a penalty loop, which essentially means going back and doing part of the race again. Note that if you choose a more difficult Spartan Race (such as the Spartan Beast), you should expect much more difficult obstacles. In contrast, an easier option like the Kids Race will involve relatively tame obstacles.



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Do I Need to Be a Fitness Freak to Complete a Spartan Race?

You don’t necessarily need to be a world-class athlete to complete a Spartan Race – especially if you choose the Spartan Sprint. Experienced Spartans will tell you that speed isn’t all that important. If your main goal is to simply finish the race, there’s nothing wrong with walking or slowly jogging through the obstacles. In fact, strength might be more critical than speed or endurance. There are some obstacles that are almost impossible if you lack the required strength – especially when it comes to flipping tires or carrying heavy objects. You should also be a confident swimmer, because some obstacles require you to dive underwater like a seal. 

Where Can I Find a Spartan Race Near Me?

If you’re wondering: “Where can I find a Spartan Race near me?,” look no further than San Jose. San Jose holds Spartan Races every year on Paicines Ranch, 13388 Airline Hwy, Paicines, CA. It’s certainly within driving distance of the Best Western Gilroy Hotel, and it could prove to be an excellent adventure for the whole family. Sign up early, because tickets sell out fast – and make sure to book a room at the Best Western Gilroy to complete your itinerary.