Things to Do in Gilroy, CA

Whether You Find Yourself Here for Business or Pleasure, Here are the Top Things to Do in Gilroy, CA

Welcome to Gilroy, California, where the beauty of nature meets the charm of a small town. Best Western Gilroy is proud to be your home away from home while you explore the many wonderful things to do in Gilroy, CA.

Whether you’re traveling solo, with your family, or on a romantic getaway, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city.


Gilroy Premium Outlets

Kickstart 2023 at Gilroy Premium Outlets – Northern California’s favorite outlet destination. 


Things To Do Gilroy Gardens

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Things to Do Santa Cruz Boardwalk

NorCal Ren Faire (Sept-Oct)

Things to Do NorCal Ren Faire

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

Things to Do Pebble Beach Resorts

Roaring Camp Railroads


Mount Hermon Adventures

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Spartan Races


Monterey Bay Aquarium

Things to Do Monterey Bay Aquarium

Casa de Fruta

Things to Do Casa de Fruta

The Tech Interactive

Things to Do The Tech Interactive

Children’s Discovery Museum

Things to Do Children’s Discovery Museum

Pebble Beach Resorts

Things to Do Pebble Beach Resorts

Fishermans Wharf

Things to Do Fishermans Wharf

Visit Gilroy

Things to Do Aver Family Vineyards Vista

National Park Service

Things to Do National Park Service

Fun Things to Do in Gilroy That You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

There are so many fun things to do and see in this area that you won’t want to miss. From the thrill of the Spartan Races and Mount Hermon Adventures to the beauty of the Gilroy Gardens and the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, there is something for everyone.

Take a step back in time with a visit to the NorCal Ren Faire or experience the elegance and beauty of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. With so many exciting and unique destinations to explore, Gilroy is the perfect place for your next adventure!

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A Great Place to Start is Downtown Gilroy

Downtown Gilroy is a vibrant and historic district that is rich in culture and history. The district is home to a variety of unique shops, boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants, making it the perfect destination for a day trip or a weekend getaway.

The historic district is simply a must-see. The city’s historic downtown area features a variety of charming shops, restaurants, and cafes that make it an ideal place to spend a day exploring. Take a stroll through the streets and admire the beautifully preserved architecture, which ranges from Victorian to Spanish Revival.

Browse through antique shops, art galleries, and clothing stores. Don’t forget to stop by the Gilroy Center for the Arts, where you can see local artists’ work and attend events throughout the year.


Bloom into Adventure: Experience the Beauty and Fun of Gilroy Gardens

Gilroy Gardens is an enchanting theme park located in the heart of Gilroy, California. It is renowned for its stunning gardens, boasting more than 10,000 trees and a variety of exotic plants and flowers. The park features over 40 rides, attractions, and shows, making it the ideal destination for people of all ages.

One of the main attractions at Gilroy Gardens is the Quicksilver Express Mine Coaster, a roller coaster that takes visitors on a thrilling ride through the park’s gardens, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The park also offers a range of other rides, such as the Bonfante Railroad, Sky Trail Monorail, and the Garlic Twirl. These rides cater to visitors of all ages and provide a fun way to take in the beauty of the park’s surroundings.

Gilroy Gardens also provides several family-friendly attractions for visitors looking for a more relaxed experience. The Rainbow Garden Round Boat Ride, Water Oasis, and the South County Backroads are some of the attractions that offer visitors a chance to unwind and enjoy the park’s beautiful gardens while having a fun and memorable experience.

One of the unique features of Gilroy Gardens is its emphasis on education and conservation. The park boasts several educational exhibits, including the Monarch Garden, which teaches visitors about the significance of butterfly conservation. Visitors can also learn and interact with a range of exotic animals, such as parrots, macaws, and other birds.



Shop ‘Til You Drop, Take Time to Explore the Gilroy Outlets

The Gilroy Outlets offer an array of shopping options, including clothing, shoes, accessories, and home goods. Whether you’re looking for stylish outfits, designer handbags, or home decor items, you’ll find plenty of options at the outlets. The stores offer a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, ensuring that visitors can find something that fits their unique taste and preferences.

In addition to the popular high-end brands, the Gilroy Outlets also feature several outlet-exclusive stores, offering visitors the chance to shop for unique and exclusive items that can only be found at the outlets. Visitors can find outlet-exclusive items from brands such as American Eagle Outfitters, J.Crew Factory, and Kate Spade New York.

Aside from shopping, the Gilroy Outlets also offer several amenities to ensure a comfortable and convenient shopping experience. The outlets have ample parking space, including electric vehicle charging stations, making it easy and hassle-free to park your car.

The outlet mall also features several food and beverage options, ranging from fast food to sit-down restaurants, offering visitors the chance to take a break and refuel.


Step Back in Time With a Visit to the NorCal Ren Faire

The NorCal Ren Faire is an annual event held in Hollister, California, that celebrates the Renaissance era. The festival is a unique and immersive experience that transports visitors back in time to the 16th century.

Visitors can expect to see a variety of performances, including jousting tournaments, music, and dance shows. The event also features interactive exhibits, including blacksmithing demonstrations, archery lessons, and medieval crafts.

This Renaissance Faire is an excellent destination for history buffs and people interested in learning about the Renaissance era. The festival features a variety of exhibits and activities that showcase the period’s art, music, and architecture.

Visitors can also dress up in their favorite Renaissance attire and participate in the festivities, making the experience even more immersive and enjoyable.

Aside from the performances and exhibits, the NorCal Ren Faire also offers a variety of food and drink options, including traditional Renaissance fare such as turkey legs, mead, and cider. Visitors can also shop for souvenirs and unique items at the festival’s marketplace, which features a range of vendors selling handmade crafts, jewelry, and artwork.

The NorCal Ren Faire is a unique and fun-filled destination that offers visitors a chance to step back in time and experience the Renaissance era. Whether you’re interested in history, art, or just looking for a fun day out, the festival is sure to provide a memorable experience that you won’t forget.

Challenge Yourself With the Spartan Races and Mount Hermon Adventures

Spartan Races and Mount Hermon Adventures are two popular outdoor activities that offer thrilling experiences for adventure seekers. Spartan Races are obstacle course races that require participants to run, climb, crawl, and carry heavy objects over various terrains.

These races are designed to test physical strength, endurance, and mental toughness, and are a popular way for fitness enthusiasts to challenge themselves and push their limits. Spartan Races are held in different locations around the world, including North America, Europe, and Asia, and attract a diverse group of participants, from elite athletes to weekend warriors.

Mount Hermon Adventures is an outdoor adventure park located in the scenic Santa Cruz Mountains in California. The park offers a range of activities, including ziplining, ropes courses, and team building challenges.

With over 30 different elements spread across 4 courses, Mount Hermon Adventures has something to offer for participants of all skill levels and ages. The park also offers special programs for groups, such as corporate team building events, school field trips, and youth group outings.

With stunning views of the redwood forest and the Monterey Bay, Mount Hermon Adventures provides a unique and unforgettable outdoor experience for adventure seekers.


Guests of All Ages can Enjoy the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and Roaring Camp Railroads

The Santa Cruz Boardwalk and Roaring Camp Railroads are two popular attractions located in the city of Santa Cruz, California. These two destinations offer visitors a unique glimpse into the history and culture of the area, while providing entertainment and fun for all ages.

The Santa Cruz Boardwalk is a classic seaside amusement park that has been entertaining families since 1907. Located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, the Boardwalk offers a wide range of attractions and activities, including rides, games, shops, and restaurants.

Visitors can take a spin on the Giant Dipper roller coaster, ride the Ferris wheel, or play carnival games to win prizes. The Boardwalk also hosts a variety of live entertainment, from concerts to magic shows, as well as special events throughout the year.

One of the highlights of the Boardwalk is its location on the beach. Visitors can swim, surf, or sunbathe on the sandy shores, and enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean. The Boardwalk is also home to several historic landmarks, including the Looff Carousel, which dates back to 1911, and the Casino Arcade, which houses an impressive collection of vintage arcade games.

In addition to the Boardwalk, visitors to Santa Cruz can also experience the Roaring Camp Railroads, a historic railway that takes passengers on a journey through the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The railroad was originally built in the 1800s to transport lumber from the mountains to the coast, and today offers a scenic and educational experience for visitors.

Make Lasting Memories at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is more than just a car show – it is an entire week of automotive-related activities and events.

In addition to the main event on Sunday, there are rallies, tours, and auctions that take place throughout the week leading up to the Concours. These events offer visitors a chance to see some of the world’s rarest and most valuable automobiles up close and in person.

While the event takes place in Pebble Beach, visitors to the area can also explore the surrounding region, which includes some of California’s most beautiful coastal communities. Nearby towns such as Carmel-by-the-Sea and Monterey offer a wealth of attractions, including art galleries, museums, and world-class restaurants.

It is a must-see event for anyone with a passion for classic and vintage automobiles. It is a celebration of automotive artistry and engineering, and offers visitors a chance to see some of the world’s most beautiful and rare cars up close.

While the event takes place in Pebble Beach, visitors to the area can also explore the surrounding region and experience the rich culture and history of this beautiful part of California.


Fun and Adventure is All Around You When You Stay With Best Western Gilroy

There are many fun things to do in Gilroy, whether you’re looking to explore the outdoors, shop until you drop, or simply relax and enjoy the scenery. From the historic downtown district to the thrilling rides at Gilroy Gardens, there is something for everyone in this charming city. 

We hope you enjoy your stay at Best Western Gilroy and make many unforgettable memories exploring the many attractions and experiences that Gilroy has to offer.



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