Best Western of Gilroy knows that in this time of uncertainty travel and staying in hotels may make some people feel uncomfortable. 

Today we are here to put all of those worries to rest. Best Western’s number one priority is the health and safety of our guests as well as our staff.

To assure that our guests and staff will remain healthy during this pandemic we’ve launched our “We Care Clean” program.

This program is here to ensure that each of Best Western’s hotels works hard and has high standards to keep everyone who enters the door of a Best Western healthy and safe.

Here are some of the health guidelines under the “We Care Clean” program that you can expect when you stay at Best Western.

Minimized Contact With Staff Personnel And Other Guests

Social distancing is a term we have all become accustomed to. 

Best Western realizes the importance of keeping 6 feet away from all non- family members during this time. That is why extra caution is being used in shared spaces such as the lobby and front desk to help limit contact.

One way contact is being limited is by streamlining the check-in and check out process. This will keep a good distance between guests and the staff members.

To help keep limited contact between guests, many shared items have been removed from the lobby and other areas of the hotel. Newspapers and magazines are no longer out to minimize the risk of a virus spread.

Social distancing and avoiding high contact areas is one of the ways Best Western is fighting to keep their valued guests healthy.

Staff Members Are Trained In Health And Wellness

All team members employed under Best Western are periodically trained on health and wellness so that they are well equipped to safely serve guests throughout the pandemic.

Team members are trained in COVID-19 protocols, self-care, social distancing, and proper sanitizing and cleaning guidelines.

The staff is also aware that if they have any symptoms of illness that they should not come to work. Team member’s temperatures are taken when seen fit to ensure that the staff is not endangering their peers or any hotel guests.

Best Western continuously provides ongoing training to our employees. We recognize the extreme value that education has and are intent to do our part. 

Giving the staff an updated and clear understanding of how to best care for themselves and our guests is seen as an essential way to keep our hotels safe and happy. 

Maximized Cleaning And Laundry Guidelines 

A very big part of the “We Care Clean” program is the high standards that Best Western has set for cleaning, sanitizing, and laundry. 

We’ve gone above and beyond in all of these areas to help keep guests and staff alike healthy and safe. 

Between every stay, rooms will be cleaned with care and sanitized with excellence. 

All areas that are known to be high touch zones will be cleaned with chemicals that are known to kill the virus. 

Areas such as light switches, door handles, thermostats, and bathroom fixtures will be given special attention. 

If you touch it, it will have been thoroughly cleaned to help ensure your health.

All linens and terry cloth products will be washed with approved chemicals that are aimed at killing COVID-19. They will also be washed and dried at high- temperature heat so that the virus cannot survive.

Cross-contamination is avoided at all costs. 

Separate laundry carts are used for clean linens and towels to avoid any laundry becoming reinfected after being cleaned. 

The carts are also disinfected daily. The equipment and laundry facilities are inspected often to ensure protocols are being followed. 

These high standards and guidelines are followed strictly by Best Western Hotels across the country. Best Western wants to do all it can as a company to ensure the safety of guests and staff members.

Grab And Go Continental Breakfast

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 

Best Western was not about to settle for guests going without breakfast, so the “Grab and Go” program was implemented to make sure that guests receive the breakfast they deserve without the risk of a shared space.

The “Grab and Go” program is here to ensure that the food you eat at Best Western is not only high quality but also safe and healthy. 

This program makes it easy for you to take a complimentary pre-packaged breakfast back to your room to eat. This will keep you safe while you enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast.

This is another way that Best Western’s team is doing all they can to keep you healthy and safe while you enjoy your stay!

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