Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park

Guaranteed Fun at the Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park

You cannot visit Gilroy without taking a trip to the family theme park. It’s just not right — yes, even when you don’t have the kids with you.

What’s the big deal with the theme park? First, you get to bask in the beauty and serenity of the Majestic Gardens, with its semi-tropical greenhouse and the vivid colors of the annual flowerbeds. Second, you get multiple shops to choose from if you wish to buy collectibles and gifts for loved ones. And third, you can feast on delightful California cuisine or indulge in sweet treats.

The Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park has a lot to offer, not just strictly for families. So it is a pretty good place to visit. And you can enhance the fun with these great tips.

Plan your visit.
It sounds lame, but planning can actually improve your experience at the Gilroy Gardens. Planning is especially crucial when it’s your first time to go to the family theme park. Discovering the entire park on your own, with nothing to guide you, may make you miss out on some of the more exciting features. You might even get lost and waste precious time.

So before you head out to the park, have a look at the layout. Pick out the attractions and rides you’ll go on strategically so you get the most out of your visit.

Choose the ideal days.
Every family theme park will get busy and crowded during the holidays. There are also days when lines to every ride will make you want to go home. This is why it’s important to pick the ideal days to visit.

The Gilroy Gardens Family Theme ParkAt Gilroy Gardens, there are some days that even provide free entrance to one individual in your party, and some holiday celebrations offer all-you-can-eat food.

Make sure the kids know what to do in case you get separated.
Finally, it might happen when the family park gets crowded. When your kids suddenly make the wrong turn or let go of your hand, the fun stops. So before you go, have a talk with the kids. They have to know what to do in case they get separated from you. Choose a meet-up spot for areas you intend to check out. You may consider having them wear shirts that set them apart from a crowd. They should also have IDs with them and, if possible, a phone to contact you. If they are not allowed to have a phone yet, they should carry your contact numbers. And they have to know which persons to trust.