Source: Best Western

How many of us have dreamed of working from home? 

We long to set our own hours, dream of having no special attire necessary (pajamas all day!) and long to work at our own pace.

So many little perks, it would seem. Sounds like the perfect situation right.

But sadly, reality has hit.

Or in this case, COVID-19. 

We have all been taken by surprise with the onslaught of this current pandemic. It is touching nearly every area of our lives.

Our first concern at Best Western is obviously our guests’ health. We hope you and your families are safe and well.

But we recognize that the next concern for many of us is employment. The way we earn income to take care of our families feels unpredictable right now.

Many of our guests who have corporate office jobs have been told that they must now stay out of the office where the virus could spread quickly, and to instead work remotely. 

We are all thankful for our jobs, especially during this hard time. But while you may have first been optimistic about this adjustment to remote work, it’s likely that  the distractions of home life quickly set in. 

Homeschooling the kids, housework, long overdue home projects, and even the news begin to distract us. Working from home becomes increasingly difficult. 

All of these things and more begin to pull at our attention and we try to resist. But eventually we find that we are losing momentum and focus.

You may begin to wonder, “How am I going to be productive and get anything done?”

Don’t lose hope!

We here at Best Western in Gilroy, CA would like to offer you another option. 

If you find yourself in need of a temporary, quiet, and peaceful place to work away from home and its various distractions, then we are here for you! 

Why Best Western?

Low Prices 

Best Western is offering day use of our spacious guest rooms to any company employee at a special rate of $39 dollars per day.

This would include a check in time of 8 am, with a departure time of 6 pm. 

There is no long term commitment necessary, and this arrangement can be secured on a daily basis as needed. 

But perhaps you need more time. 

Maybe you have a big project, or you have just gotten so behind you need more than a day. 

If you are looking to concentrate for extended hours and find yourself needing to get away from home for a few days or even a week, we will happily accommodate that time frame at a lower deal as well. 

At a special rate of just  $99 a night, we are willing to work with whatever your particular needs are.

Safety Is A Priority

We here at Best Western Forest Park Inn understand (and take very seriously) that we are in unprecedented times. 

We take our guests and our staff’s safety with the utmost care and concern.

We realize most of us are quite nervous about potentially developing the Coronavirus.

It is our desire to assure you that we are closely monitoring and adhering to the guidelines set forth by the state of California.

Our amazing staff is dedicated to the health and well being of each one of our valued customers.

It is our hope that when you choose our hotel, that you feel at peace during these troubled times. 

In our clean, pleasant, and calm environment we want you to feel that you are able to accomplish everything you need to and give your best work to your company.   

Best Western feels it is also important to note that our cleaning staff is highly trained and committed to providing properly sanitized rooms. When you book with us you can work and rest in confidence. 

Our Amenities

Each and every guest room we offer comes with built in wireless internet, perfect for all of your online work and virtual office meetings. 

There is also a flat screen TV in each room so once you have reached the end of a busy day you are able to relax and catch up on your favorite show. 

The rooms also have a refrigerator so you can feel free to bring snacks to fuel your brainpower throughout the day. 

Speaking of fueling, there is a coffee maker included in each room ready to give you your caffeine fill at any point throughout the day.

Each room has a private balcony which allows you to step out for a break in the fresh air and sunlight. 

Or you could even bring your work and a cup of coffee out on the balcony for a truly blissful work experience. 

How To Get This Amazing Deal

To get the deals of $39 a day, or $99 per night, you simply need to show that you work for a business corporation. 

You can do this by showing us your business card or an email/paperwork indicating you do indeed work within your business. 

Then all that’s left to do is to come on down and start accomplishing your to-do list from one of our beautiful, 100% smoke free guest rooms with full confidence that you are in a safe space.

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