Gilroy Gardens Water Park

Gilroy Gardens Water Oasis – A Refreshing Family Destination This Summer!

School’s out! The kids are overjoyed by this fact – no more homework, no more stopping them from watching all the TV shows they like, no more having to wake up early, and bunch of other “no mores” for the next two months. School vacation has always been something students looked forward to excitedly. However, a lot of parents don’t think it’s particularly great.

The routine of waking up late, eating breakfast late and all-day TV watching or video-game playing tends to lose its appeal after three weeks, tops. After that, the young ones start complaining about being bored out of their minds, and when that happens, they tend to become destructive. They conjure up all sorts of weird activities in their heads and carry them out in real life only to find out that some things really just don’t pan out the way they envisioned them to. Often, the kids will displace their boredom and frustration onto you, the parent, and you’re going to have to come up with quick solutions before your house gets turned upside-down and everybody’s summer gets ruined.

Road Trip to Gilroy, CA

One great solution to consider to prevent that from happening is a road trip to Gilroy – a lot of people head to California in the summer and there are some holidays up ahead that you can set aside for the trip. Get the children involved in the planning so they’ll have something productive to do.

Gilroy Gardens Water OasisBut why Gilroy? The great thing about heading to Gilroy instead of the more popular cities in California is that it’s not as congested, but the level of fun to be had here is just as high. The Gilroy Gardens Water Park holds a lot of promise and is said to be a great family destination; it has a multitude of attractions and the Gilroy Gardens Water Oasis is an exciting one. It’s still relatively new, but it’s already described as the perfect place to be for a full day of cooling off. There are all sorts of activities for the kids; the children can practice their backstroke and doggie paddle, or just have fun with water since the oasis combines Water Play and Water Science.

Enjoy Garlic-Infused Food in Gilroy

You and your spouse, on the other hand, can take a breather from watching the kids play and head to one of several dining establishments in the park. Enjoy a gastronomic adventure – sample all those garlic-infused dishes Gilroy is known for, as well as all the other scrumptious offerings of the restaurants in the park. When it gets too hot, rejoin the kids at the oasis.

Gilroy Gardens Water Park may not be as flashy as Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, or Universal Studios, but when it comes to wholesome family fun, it can definitely offer an experience that will be the highlight of your family’s summer.