Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park Spring Getaway

Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park — A Wholesome Destination For A Spring Getaway

A lot of families are planning day trips to take advantage of the great weather. Spring always proves to be a divine time to enjoy the outdoors and be with loved ones; the surroundings provide a colorful backdrop that easily turns fun moments into picture perfect images, which is largely the reason why parks are often brimming with people come springtime.

In the lovely city of Gilroy, a lot of local families and from nearby Central Californian cities come to celebrate spring. The Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park is a fun paradise for all; it offers a bounty of features that young and old will surely love. Though it’s certainly not as flashy as Disneyland in Anaheim, this park overflows with charming wholesomeness that easily reminds people that great things are not necessarily the most expensive and overproduced.

Hotels near Gilroy GardensThis family theme park presents the majestic beauty of nature and accessorizes it with carefully calculated attractions for fun and recreation. There are provisions for those who just want to have a relaxing time outdoors; the gardens are ideal for leisurely walks and there are areas where people can just sit and bask in the sun. Now for those who want to treat themselves to something yummy, the park has food kiosks as well as restaurants that serve more than the usual park food. Currently, visitors can choose from nine food establishments.

Meanwhile, active young people can go on the different rides scattered all over the park that can take them on an adrenaline rush. One of which is the Quicksilver Express Mine Coaster — a park fave; this mine coaster speeds through dips and turns surrounded by hundreds of trees. Another popular ride for thrill-seekers is the Banana Split, which swings riders back and forth to great heights. Small children, on the other hand, can check out the food-themed rides such as the Apple and Worm, Artichoke Dip, and Garlic Twirl.

On a really warm day (which is frequent this spring), the park’s water features enjoy the same popularity as the rides. Bonfante’s Splash Garden attracts those who really want to get drenched and have brought swimsuits with them. For toddlers, however, the smaller Splash and Squirt water feature is more ideal.

There’s still more to see and enjoy at Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park, one day is not enough to experience all it has to offer, and why limit yourself to the garden park when the city has other nearby tourist destinations worth visiting? Stay for an entire weekend and make reservations at one of the many lovely hotels near Gilroy Gardens – this way, you can say after your family getaway that you’ve all truly experienced Gilroy.