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Have you and your family or friends been looking for something entertaining to do in the Gilroy, CA area? 

Gilroy Gardens is having a Big Birthday Party, and they are inviting you!

This party will be filled with plenty of entertainment, excitement, and something fun for everyone in the family.

And if you’re not a current Gilroy resident, Gilroy Gardens big birthday celebration is the perfect time for a mini vacation!

Enjoy Gilroy’s famed shopping, unique restaurants, and one of a kind, local wineries before relaxing for the evening at our pristine Forest Park Inn 

And while Gilroy Gardens is especially family friendly, even adults will have a great time exploring this fantastic park.

Here are all of the details about Gilroy Gardens big birthday bash and all of the fun that surrounds it!

About Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park

Gilroy Gardens opened 20 years ago, and the wonderfully unique park offers a safe, educational, and fun environment for families to explore!

The park has a big focus on all things horticultural, historical, and agricultural. Gilroy Gardens is California’s only horticultural theme park and offers each visitor a truly special experience.

Filled with lush California gardens, a variety of rides, and countless activities, this park is guaranteed to offer any family a special time together full of wonder.

Fun Rides And Activities For All

The theme park has over 40 rides for a variety of ages and thrills. There are kiddy rides, family rides, roller coasters, carousels, water rides and so much more! 

Some of the rides go right through the trees and have splendid views of nature.

The Gardens also offers paddle boating in lovely Coyote Lake. 

Two local favorites are the train ride, and a sky rail that both go through Gilroy Gardens, giving two different views of the magnificent park.

Water Oasis is a section of the park that is perfect for those warm summer days. You can enjoy the water slide, wading pools, and the infamous “Splash Bucket.”

Nearby the Oasis, there are 12 cabanas to enjoy laying back and relaxing in. 

After the kids are done playing in the water you and the family can even order lunch right in the cabanas!

boy sitting on merry go round

Beautiful Gardens Galore 

You may have never seen such a gorgeous and natural theme park before! With over 10,000 trees and gardens all over the park, it’s a truly magical experience.

Gilroy Gardens is also home to famed Circus Trees that have been carefully manipulated to grow into spectacular shapes. In the various gardens you will have the opportunity to learn more about these trees, while also soaking up plenty of that California sunshine.

One garden has an adorable pond and is surrounded by lush greenery, another is full of colorful and sweet smelling flowers, and  a third boasts huge tropical trees and colorful butterflies. 

These are just a view of the many gardens to explore In Gilroy Gardens Theme Park.

Dining Options 

To add to the already long list of attractions, there are many small wineries scattered throughout the park, and more restaurants and food options than you can imagine. 

These restaurants offer the comfort foods we all know and love, like pizza, fries, and chicken wings. but they also have plenty of healthy options. 

With choices for vegans, vegetarians, those with gluten sensitivities and other allergies/intolerances, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy!

The Birthday Party

Gilroy Gardens has been a wonderful and educational theme park for the last two decades, and this March the park turns 20 and is ready to celebrate this big milestone with you! 

The park will be transformed into one big birthday party for all to come and enjoy

Once you enter the plaza, the birthday excitement starts!

Some of the festivities at hand are bubble activities, a birthday rap, and an array of delicious cupcakes to be served.

Gilroy Gardens wants you and your family to join in on the fun. So mark your calendar because you won’t want to miss out on this!

This special birthday event is exclusive to 2020 Premium Card members and will kick off on Sunday, March 22 before the parks official opening day. 

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There is nothing quite like a few days away from home to help you feel relaxed and refreshed. 

If you are interested in a visit to Gilroy Gardens, tickets are available for purchase at the front desk of our Best Western or through the Gilroy Gardens website.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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