Across the country, we at Best Western are all feeling immense gratitude for those on the frontlines. 

Essential workers are risking their safety and health for the good of their communities.This type of selflessness deserves much recognition and praise.

These people are courageously serving their communities, ensuring that we can eat, receive basic goods and services, and receive care when we’re sick or hurt. 

The country would not be able to survive this pandemic without those who are working hard and risking themselves. If it were not for these people on the frontlines, reopening the country would take much longer, and for their sacrifice we are all incredibly grateful. 

Best Western Hotels, near Gilroy Gardens, wants to show how much we appreciate all of our essential workers, so we are offering these heroes something to show that we care.

If you are an essential worker, and you have a need or desire to stay in a hotel, then Best Western Gilroy has great news for you.

Best Western is happily offering essential workers Best Western Rewards upgrades. 

Here’s what that means for you : 

Who Is Considered An Essential Worker ?

Before we get into the great benefits being offered, lets go over who the essential workers are. 

Essential workers are those who are still required or allowed to work because their line of work is considered necessary for the functioning of our society.

Fox KTVU has a complete list of essential workers in California you can click here to view.

Some examples of essential workers are grocery store clerks, nurses, police officers, mailmen, and pharmacy workers. 

If you’re not sure if you’re an essential worker, check the link above to see if you qualify. 

If you’re an essential employee, Best Western is here to serve you and show you gratitude for the work that you do.


Those who will be joining our Best Western Rewards Program as new members will be immediately upgraded to the Gold Elite Status. 

If you are already a BWR Elite then you will be upgraded to the next Elite Status. 

For example, Diamond Elite Members will receive an upgrade to Diamond Select For Life Status.

These upgrades are how we are showing our support, and will provide our essential workers with a host of benefits. 

Click here to see for yourself the numerous rewards and deals that come along with being a part of the Best Western Rewards program. 

Discounted Rates

Included in these upgrades, there will be generous discounted prices for our essential workers. 

Our desire is to help save essential workers’ money, and help them to continue to do their amazing work.

As we well know, there is a lot of financial stress during this time and we want to help alleviate some of the burdens off of essential workers.

Discounted rates for those who are working on the frontlines are one way that we can do that.

Other Perks 

Along with the upgrades and discounts, Best Western Gilroy has some other perks for essential workers. 

We are offering bonus points for every stay, and exclusive promotional offers are another great perk offered for essential workers. 

These promotional offers are made available especially for those who are working the front lines as essential employees.

These perks and many more come along with being in any of the Elite Member Rewards program. 

Status Length

The Best Western Elite Members and the Gold Elite Members will maintain their status until January 31st, 2022. 

We hope that for those years, you will truly enjoy and benefit from your time as an Elite Status Member. 

Those who already had Diamond Status will become Diamond Select for Life and will keep their membership and all of the perks that come with it throughout their whole lifetime.

Why Stay With Best Western

If you’re looking for cheap hotels in Gilroy CA, Best Western offers a wonderful environment that feels like being at home. 

You will be able to relax in a clean and calm atmosphere. 

You could focus on that project that you have just needed some peace and quiet to finish, or get caught up on some much needed rest. 

Perhaps, because of your job as an essential worker, you are finding yourself needing to stay in hotels more and more. 

Best Western is happy to be that safe and comfortable place for you to stay.

Best Western’s across the country are known for their quality. Your many stays with Best Western over the years with your Elite Status will ensure an even better experience at a cheaper price.  

Essential workers have done so much for our nation and we at Best Western want to thank you because we care!

If you are an essential worker and you are interested in taking advantage of this great deal, or you’re just looking for quality, cheap hotels in Gilroy CA, click here to contact Best Western today!