Christmas shopping on a budget

Best Time To Shop And Save For Christmas

It is the “most wonderful time of the year,” as that classic holiday song proclaims. But to most parents, godparents, and anyone who belongs to a large family, it is also one of the most expensive times of the year.

You’ve got gifts to shop for, the Christmas dinners and lunches to prepare for, and the decorations — oh the decorations—to plan out. It’s not about outdoing the neighbors either, this need to be extravagant during the holidays. It is really more about letting the seeming abundance of everything give more joy, a more celebratory effect to the entire season. Still and all, it would be a good idea to reel in the spending so you don’t end up feeling miserable over credit card bills after Christmas.

Here is The Best Western Gilroy’s guide to Christmas shopping on a budget.

  1. 1. Be like Santa — make a list.
    It’s a great thing to buy gifts for everyone you know, but unless you have sufficient funds to do so, you may want to put a cap on your gift buying. Do this by making a list — like Santa. And stick to it.
    If you’re determined to keep your list really short, you can let everyone know that you’re only giving gifts to immediate family this year.
  1. 2. Shop early.
    Who says you have to wait for the holidays to start buying presents for your loved ones? Let’s say it’s autumn, and your spouse’s favorite store is having a sale. Go in and see if you can get a great Christmas present. Look for buying opportunities throughout the year instead of ruthlessly competing for great items on insane holiday sales, i.e. Black Friday.
  1. 3. Shop at the right stores.
    Every smart shopper should have this destination on their list: Gilroy outlets. The Gilroy Premium Outlets houses some of the world’s best retail brands: Nike (for the teenaged boys), J.Crew (for the cool brother), Lucky Brand (for the stylish sister), Coach (for the chic mom), and Brooks Brothers (for the dapper dad). And you get everything on sale price; some really great items will go for 50 percent off!
  1. 4. Take the family on a Christmas getaway.
    Christmas is about generosity; but it is mostly about spending time with the family. So why not spend the holidays in Gilroy, where you can feast on Christmas Eve (without slaving in the kitchen) and watch the lighting of the tree,and you can relax and open gifts in the Best Western Gilroy’s most sumptuous accommodations?