Visit The Winchester Mystery House for Halloween 2014

Spend your Spooky Holiday in this Legendary Mansion!

Soon, it’ll be Halloween. What’re you going to be doing? The pumpkin patch? Fun, but only for a few minutes. Trick or treating? Really old and really fattening. What about a costume party with all your friends and family? It could be good but you really would rather not play host; you don’t want to slave in the kitchen all day and you don’t want to clean up after. What’s left then?

What about an evening so spectacularly spooky, it’ll keep you wide awake for nights? Even better, it is not going to come from some made-up story because this is actually based on some of the oddest and most bizarre stories you’ll hear. This is the Winchester Mystery House Halloween. And here are five chillingly good reasons to spend your spooky holiday in this legendary mansion.

1. There may be ghost sightings.

OK. What is Halloween for if not to scare the living daylights out of you? Some visitors to the Winchester Mystery House have reported seeing ghosts or apparitions. With its massive scale — 6 acres, 160 rooms, 47 stairways, 47 fireplaces — and Victorian décor, the Winchester Mystery House is the perfect tour for anyone looking to get spooked.

2. It sets the right mood.

During Halloween, the Winchester Mystery House further adds to its spooky ambience with an eerie setting. No lights, just the glow of the moonlight to guide you through the hallowed halls of the mansion. You do get a flashlight so you don’t get into an accident.

3. The story behind the mansion can be turned into a scary movie.

Mrs. Sarah Winchester actually led a pretty lovely life, as the daughter of a wealthy family and wife to the Winchester rifle heir. Tragedy struck when the Winchester baby fell ill and passed away. Mrs. Winchester became depressed and then, Mr. Winchester also passes away years later.

A Boston medium explained that the deaths were the curse of the spirits, those who were killed by the Winchester rifle. To appease them and to prevent any tragedy from befalling Mrs. Winchester, the medium told her to build a house — and the Winchester Mystery House was constructed.

4. The kids can come.

While it all sounds pretty scary stuff, know that Halloween at the Winchester mansion is not all spooky. Your kids can enjoy the entertainment, with magicians and balloon artists.

The house is also not just for Halloween and there are parts of it that are charming. It houses a café. It has a great gift shop. And it is open to various events.

5. You can make a weekend of it.

Finally, with its ideal location, San Jose, California, you can take the whole family and make a weekend of it. Experience the Winchester mansion in San Jose. Drive to Gilroy and book a comfortable suite at the Best Western Forest Park Inn, which is pet-friendly, by the way. Enjoy the amenities. Then you can take a detour at the Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park and do a Gilroy Gardens Halloween, if you like.

*Photo Credit –  Winchester Mystery House Facebook