The Christmas season is here! It’s time to enjoy family and friends, shop, eat yummy food, and relax.

Although the pandemic does make this year look a bit different, that does not mean Christmas won’t be just as special.  

Best Western Inn knows how important the Christmas season is to you and your loved ones.  

We want to help you make 2020 a wonderful Christmas experience, so today we want to give you some insight on how to have a ball this Christmas in Santa Clara.

A Sweet Get Away

If you have been stuck in your house in lockdown recently (or if you have been working remotely most of 2020) you may feel a real need for a change of scenery. 

Spending every day in your house can get a bit boring. Especially for those who love to travel. Although travel plans are mostly canceled this year due to COVID, that does mean you can’t have a sweet escape from home. 

Check in to one of California’s best hotels for a great (and safe) time away from home.

While traveling across the world, country, or even county lines may not be recommended during the global health crisis, going to a beautiful and COVID- 19 conscious hotel for a get away with your family is the perfect pandemic friendly vacation.

You can even bring your furry family along because Best Western Inn is a hotel that is pet friendly. 

Best Western Inn goes above and beyond the CDC recommendations. You and your family can rest assured that you are safe while you stay with us and enjoy your 202 version of a vacation.

hotel near forrest park

Christmas Shopping Galore

 Christmas shopping is a huge part of the holidays, and most of us enjoy finding those perfect gifts for those we love. Even though this year you have to be more careful while you Christmas shop, that doesn’t mean you won’t get to enjoy shopping for your family and friends. 

Not too far from Best Western Inn, there are the Gilroy Premium Outlets – one of the best-shopping outlets that there is in the U.S. 

You can go in and follow COVID- 19 safety policies (mask and 6 feet apart) and truly enjoy finding gifts for friends and family. Or if you prefer to have some more distance, you can order online from many of the stores and use curbside pick up. 

This pandemic won’t stop Christmas cheer or Christmas shopping! So while you are on your getaway make sure you stop at our famous outlets and take advantage of the holiday deals. 

Beautiful Outdoor Sites

If you have felt trapped in your house for the majority of 2020, then it is time to get some fresh air that you can safely enjoy outdoors.

There are some amazing and beautiful outdoor activities that you can do while you stay at California’s best hotel.


You can hike all of the beautiful mountains in Santa Clara. Hiking is the perfect activity, especially under the current circumstances.

According to Mountain Zone,

“Santa Clara County California is home to 130 summits, ridges, ranges, trails, and other mountain features.”

You’ll be outside, under the beautiful sky breathing in the fresh air. Hiking trails or mountains can be a wonderful bonding activity or a peaceful adventure to take solo. On top of all the fun and beauty, it is also a great source of exercise.

Considering hitting the trails with your loved ones this holiday season. 

The Ocean

If you aren’t much of a hiker, there are some other great outdoor activities you can enjoy in Santa Clara. The ocean is nearby, so you can have a fun day at the beach, go surfing, or even fishing. Take in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean in Santa Clara. 

The various beaches are a quick car ride away from Best Western Inn. You can make your little getaway even better with some salty ocean air and sunshine.


Another great outdoor activity for the family on your COVID staycation is a day at the park. Imagine you and your family, friends, and pets having a lovely picnic or playing ball. 

As long as you follow social distance guidelines, you can have a wonderful day at one of the many beautiful parks in Santa Clara.

And if you don’t feel like cooking or packing your own lunch, you can order out from one of Santa Clara’s delicious restaurants.

Once you are done your day out, you can go back to Best Western Inn and relax in our safe and pet-friendly hotel with those you love. 

If you are interested in visiting Santa Clara this Holiday season, then click here for the best hotel rates from Best Western Inn.