The Winchester Mystery House is one of the most well known mansions in America and during the holiday season the usually “spooky” house comes alive with the Spirit of Christmas. The holiday event is a celebration of the Christmas holiday, Winchester Mystery House style with all of the same mysterious attractions as seen throughout the year, but with a decidedly Christmas theme. In the years since the Winchester Mystery House was built the house has gathered a reputation for not only being a true American mystery, but for being a beautiful mansion with truly amazing grounds for visitors to see. The Best Western Plus Forest Park Inn offers Winchester Mystery House tickets throughout the event season.

The Spirit of Christmas event takes place every year between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve with both day and night events for those visiting to take part in. The day events take place on Nov. 22nd – Dec. 31st between the hours of 8am – 5pm where guests can take the Spirit of Christmas Tour of the Mansion and grounds with spectacular designer Christmas trees, decorations and lights. For the night events, they will be taking place from Dec. 13th – 30th between the hours of 6pm – 8pm and this is when the true Winchester Mystery House’s Spirit of Christmas event begins. The Winchester Mystery House tickets include a trek through the mansion and grounds when the place lights up during the night, featuring multiple live Christmas performances from youth choirs, roving carolers and more. Guests can take a journey through the mansion by candlelight as festive holiday music resonates through the air and the warm, glowy feeling of Christmas makes everything feel truly wonderful.

The Winchester Mystery House Spirit of Christmas event is a true holiday celebration of timeless beauty, mystery and Christmas celebrations, making it an event that visitors to the area can’t miss. For those wishing to visiting the Spirit of Christmas event Winchester Mystery House tickets can be purchased at the front desk of the Best Western Plus Forest Park Inn. Christmas is just around the corner and the Winchester Mystery House creates a true winter wonderland from the holiday decorations to the live carolers  and is a wonderful place to help celebrate the holiday season.