Best Western Rewards Gilroy HotelThe Internet offers many great tools including travel-booking systems for business travelers and vacationers alike. The ease of using your computer or smart phone to book your travel and make reservations has turned each of us into our own personal travel agent. There may be reasons to skip travel-booking sites online when booking hotel rooms, however. Here are three benefits of calling direct to the hotel when booking a room:

1. Reward points– many hotels, including Best Western, have hotel rewards or loyalty programs. Booking through a travel site may not allow you to accumulate your points. If you book directly with your preferred hotel (such as Best Western) you will receive the benefit of travel points.

2. Changes to reservation– having a three-way conversation between your hotel and a third party booking system to change a reservation or resolve an issue can be a huge hassle. If you book through an online third party, you will need to contact them for service- not the hotel.

You will then have to wait while they contact the hotel, then get back to you. When you book direct with the hotel they will be able to resolve any issues, or make changes, directly with you. This can be a real time saver as well as keeping frustration to a minimum.

3. Best Hotel Rates– generally hotels have a “best rate guarantee” on the hotel site. Always check the hotel sites when comparison-shopping.

Written by Laura Wrede, Gilroy freelance writer and photographer