Howdy friends, Ranger Roy here to tell you about another fun adventure I’ve had here in Gilroy. Did you know that tucked back in the West hills of Gilroy along highway 152 is one of California’s best family-friendly theme parks? I’m talking about Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park!

I had a grand old time there this summer with my junior rangers. We explored the Pinnacles Rock Maze, toured the park on the Bonfante Railroad, and floated around on the Rainbow Garden Boat Ride. We ended each day cooling off in the Splash Garden after flying, spinning, and sailing along on all the other rides in the park. Whew, I was plumb tuckered out at the end of the day!

One of my favorite parts though was trying to find a leaf for my leaf collection from one of the world famous botanical Circus Trees made from Sycamores, Box Elders, Ash and Spanish Cork. I explored the entire park looking at all of them. There was the Basket Tree, Oil Well, Four-legged Giant, the Spiral Staircase, and so many more. I finally found some perfect specimens on the ground to add to my collection this year

Now I know some of you out there may be feeling a little left out what with summer over and all. But don’t you worry none. Gilroy Gardens will still be open on weekends this fall (and even more days this winter) with a special lineup of fun and exciting things to do. Just go over to the Gilroy Garden’s calendar

[] for a complete list of special events.

And just so you know, if you stop by the Gilroy Best Western PLUS Forest Park Inn front desk, they have tickets to Gilroy Gardens with a special Ranger Roy discount!

Well until next time friends, happy travels and eat lots of garlic!

Written by Laura Wrede, Gilroy freelance writer and photographer

*photo credit – Gilroy Gardens