Santa Clara Valley Crush TimeSanta Clara Valley Crush Time & Guglielmo Winery

Guglielmo Winery’s 1st Annual Artisan Vendor Faire

Howdy folks Ranger Roy here! Whew! I woke up this morning with my toes just chillin’ as I made my way to the kitchen to put on a good strong pot of coffee. Fall is in the air, the winds of change are blowing, and the landscape here in the South Valley will soon look very different than it did just a few short weeks ago. There is one thing that I always look forward to this time of year: the grape harvests, or crush (as most now call it).

Everywhere you go around here grapes are fattening up on the vines. Some have already been picked and others are just about ready. I learned from a local vintner that they know when to pick grapes by measuring the amount of tannins, sugars, acids, and then they have to balance all that out with the weather and type of wine being produced. It’s a delicate balance that takes part science and part knowledge handed down from past generations of successful winemakers.

One other thing I learned was the size of wine grapes are usually a lot smaller than those big fat juicy grapes I like to munch on while I’m working. Those grapes are often called table grapes. Wine grapes are typically smaller with thicker skins and have seeds. The table grapes are often grown with thin skins and are seedless.

Here in the South Valley we love to celebrate the crush. Many of our local wineries have individual wine parties. I know that Guglielmo Winery is going all out this year with their bottling party by having an art and wine festival on November 2, 2013. They’ve invited a bunch of local artists to join them. I think I might slip on over there to sip some wine and check out the art. Rumor has it I can pick up some signed pieces for under $50.

For a list of other local wine events check with the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce or Gilroy Visitors Bureau.

Well folks, the grape crush is a great time of year to come out to visit us folks here in Gilroy. And of course if you need a place to stay, our door here at the Gilroy Best Western PLUS Forest Park Inn is always open.

Until next time, this is Ranger Roy wishing you safe travels and eat lots of garlic.

Written by local writer and photographer Laura Wrede
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