Clean Hotel RoomHotel cleanliness is a growing concern as issues such as bed bugs and viruses cause worry among travelers. Best Westerns across the nation are answering these problems with the Best Western I Care® 2 program. “I Care 2 demonstrates to customers our commitment to cleanliness,” states Best Western Corporate.

Just how clean is clean? Gilroy Best Western Plus Forest Park Inn believes that cleanliness is in the details–down to something as simple as the in-room TV remote.

Imagine how many people stay in a hotel room in a given year, handling the TV remote. Many germs are spread when infected people touch objects like door handles, and railings. TV remotes fall into this category. These items are often overlooked during cleaning at other hotels.

That’s why the staff at Gilroy Best Western Plus Forest Park Inn is trained to follow the stringent rules set by the Best Western I Care® 2 program which includes attention to small details such as each room’s remote control. When you stay here, they want you to know that your comfort and health are both high priories.

Written by Laura Wrede, Gilroy freelance writer and photographer