Howdy folks Ranger Roy here. I have to tell you I have been shaking in my boots I’m so excited! July means Garlic Festival in Gilroy. I can already taste that delicious hot-off-the-grill garlic bread. I can smell the garlic chicken and pasta. I can hear the shouts of crazy garlic fans as the winner of the cook-off is announced. I can barely contain myself.

This year’s line-up is scheduled to be one of the most exciting years ever as we celebrate the thirty-fifth year of the Garlic Festival right here in Garlic City Gilroy. So what’s lined up for this year?

The world famous Gilroy Garlic Festival Cook-off featuring eight finalists cooking up delectable dishes such as Afrikaner Butternut Tart, a West Coast Glazed Salmon, and a Mahi-mahi Laulau with Shiitake Risotto. If that doesn’t just get your stomach to growling I don’t know what would!

For entertainment there is one of my personal favorites, Donald Elvis & the Hound Dogs singing all the old Elvis classics (thank you very much). Lucas Ohio & the Shamblers will be gettin’ down with some soul. Steel Horse will give their best renditions of Bon Jovi. Mason Douglas and Stacy Stone go down home with real country music. There will be class acts in jazz, reggae, classic rock, country, blues, pop, soul…well let’s just say there is something for everyone.

Food of course is always the shining star of the festival. Gourmet Alley will serve up just about every kind of imaginable thing slathered in garlic. For all you adventurous types there will be a bit of exotic meat as well as some creamy sweet garlic ice cream.

There are so many things to tell you about the festival that I think the best thing to say is just get on over here to Gilroy and see for yourself what Gilroy Garlic Festival 2013 has in store. And as a super bonus for all the guests at the Gilroy Best Western PLUS Forest Park Inn, we have a few extras in store for you.

If you book a room during the garlic festival, each room will receive their very own “Keep Calm and Eat Garlic” tee-shirt and we’ll give you a free shuttle ride to and from the festival this year so you won’t have to worry about trying to find parking. And one final bonus, for all you who wish to hang out in Gilroy a few extra days, our rooms are discounted on Thursday and Sunday so you can hang out and sleep off all that garlic fun.

Well folks I hope you all can make it out to what will be a memorable Garlic Festival 2013! Until then, this is Ranger Roy wishing you safe travels and eat lots of garlic.


Written by freelance writer and Photographer Laura Wrede