Basset HoundBarker the Basset Hound Visits Ranger Roy at the Best Pet-Friendly Hotel in Gilroy

Howdy folks! Ranger Roy here to tell you about a recent visit from my pet friend Barker the Basset Hound. Now many of you have never been introduced to Barker because he’s actually my cousin Ben’s dog. Ben and Barker live on a cattle ranch out in the valley. Ben had to take a trip and couldn’t take Barker with him, so he stayed here with me in a special room for pets at the Best Western PLUS Forest Park Inn–the most pet friendly hotel in Gilroy, CA. In fact, they may be even one of the most pet-friendly hotels in Santa Clara County!

One thing we had to do when Barker visited was to go over the pet rules so he didn’t get into a pickle. Barker is used to having lots of room to roam on the ranch howling and barking, running around, chasing squirrels, and tearing things up. This was the first time he stayed in a hotel. Staying in a hotel meant he had to be on his best behavior.

First I told him he had to use his inside voice. Barker is used to howling loudly at anything that moves back on the ranch. Pets in a hotel room can’t do that. Barker understood. I also told him he couldn’t go to the chow hall in the lobby; he would have to eat his kibble outside, or in the restroom because he gets a little sloppy with his food. He was fine with that as well. Chewing on anything in the room was also off limits. Barker brought his own chew toys to keep him happy so there was no problem there.

The only thing Barker was unhappy about was not being able to play with Buster the scruffy cow dog staying down the hall. All he wanted to do was take off his leash and run around with his new friend. I told him if he did that, he would have to go stay with cousin Louise and her five cats. Well, that calmed him down as he remembered the whooping he got from her big tabby the last time he and Ben visited.

I did promise to take him out to the hotel pet area and he could visit with the other dogs there. He frowned a bit at the idea of being on a leash until he saw Buster. Even he was on a leash so he set a good example for Barker.

Well Ben came back to pick up Barker and, gosh I have to say, I was sad to see that big lump of fur leave. I understood why so many people travel with pets. They bring a special ray of sunshine to your day. I wanted to take a moment to thank all my ranger friends at the Best Western PLUS Forest Park Inn for making Barker feel welcomed. The special gifts for pets they give to all the furry guests made Barker smile. I know he will miss all of his new friends but I promised him that he would be able to come back soon.

Well folks, that’s about it for this time. If you’re planning a trip with your pet, the folks here at Gilroy Best Western PLUS Forest Park Inn would like to extend a special welcome to you. They have pet-friendly rooms just waiting for you. They also have a special gift for your pet when you check in. We hope to see you and your best fuzzy friends here soon!

Until next time, this is Ranger Roy wishing you happy travels and eat lots of garlic.

Written by Laura Wrede, Gilroy freelance writer and photographer