Stay Healthy While Traveling5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Howdy Folks Ranger Roy here. Well I’ve had quiet a month here at the Gilroy Best Western PLUS Forest Park Inn. Last week I had to travel to West Virginia to attend my second cousin Alberta’s wedding. I only had three days because I had to get back to plan a little outing for my junior rangers next month.

Let me tell you I felt like a squirrel caught in a washing machine when I got home. The effects of traveling didn’t set well with me so I thought I’d share a few things I learned that may help all of you have a healthy travel experience.

Here are my top five tips for healthy travel:


1. Pack good snacks for the trip. When we’re home it seems easier to eat healthy but when we travel we tend to snack on all the wrong things. Pack a bag of healthy snacks such as cut up fruits and veggies, peanut butter and whole grain crackers, and cheese sticks. Don’t do like I did and eat a whole bag of fried pork rinds, beef jerky, and sour candies.

Also choose restaurants that offer good food choices such as the breakfast bar at the Gilroy Best Western PLUS Forest Park Inn. Look for fresh fruits, low fat milk and yogurts, eggs for protein, and whole grain breads.

2. Move around every two hours. My flight back east was a direct flight and I fell asleep for several hours. I never once got up and moved around. I thought they were going to have to pry me out of my seat; my legs were so stiff. No matter if you fly or drive, it’s important to move around at least every two hours to keep your circulation going and your muscles stretched.

3. Exercise when you arrive. Make use of the hotel’s gym if they have one. Even a short 10-minute workout each day can make all the difference in how you feel. If there isn’t an exercise room, take a brisk walk or do some calisthenics and stretching.

4. Take a nap. It’s been established that even a short 30-minute nap can allow you more energy and feel refreshed to enjoy your day’s activities. Even if your schedule is jam- packed, find a bit of time for rest.

5. Don’t over do. When we are on vacation one of the fun things is to participate in things we don’t normally do. If it has been a long time since you rode a bike for instance, don’t take on a 10-mile coastal ride while on vacation. Challenge yourself in moderation.

Well folks, I hope these tips help you. I wish I had taken my own advice on this last trip. Now it will take me a few days to recuperate.

Until next time folks, this is Ranger Roy wishing you healthy travels and don’t forget to eat lots of garlic.

Written by Laura Wrede, Gilroy freelance writer and photographer